Richter / Judges

Richter / Judges

Colin Powell

I am passionate about all the Terrier Breeds and judge them on a regular basis. I will always give a fair and unbiased opinion of an exhibit based upon the health and KC breed standard guidelines. I have judged Terriers and the Group in South Africa, and America at CC level and green stars in Ireland and FCI also CC in Australia, Germany, New Zealand, Norway, Slovenia, and 3 Groups at the Jersey Championship Show. I have judged over 3500  … read more 




Malcom Presland

Malcolm was brought up with Bull Terriers and Boxers and after he left home kept Boxers which he bred but only lightly exhibited. He bought his first Bulldog in 1983 but was unable to seriously campaign anything until the early 1990’s due to work commitments when he founded the Kofyn kennel with Melanie Vincent.  They soon made up their first Bulldog champion, they have also bred CC and RCC winners in the UK and champion, CACIB & CAC winners in Europe. Miniature Bullterriers were added to the kennel in 2000 … read more



Dorothe Ebener

Dogs have always been a part of my life. Born as an offspring from “dog breeder parents”, the passion for dogs, breeding and showing was laid in my cradle. I even had the pleasure of naming a Staffordshire Bullterrier my nanny. As soon as I could walk, I stepped into the show ring, showing Poodle for my mother, followed by Bull Terrier for my father Georg Scherzer, kennel “von der Alte Veste”. After completing my vocational training as a veterinary assistant, I started my own breeding experience and bred Italian Greyhounds successfully for over a decade. … read more