Richter / Judges

Richter / Judges

Vanessa Hearne

A lifelong involvement in both Miniatures and Bull Terriers, also along the way, dachshunds, King Charles Cavalier Spaniels, Dobermans, and Great Danes, Also horses played a big part of my life, breeding, showing also judging them.

For me this was excellent groundwork on construction of any animal, be it horse or dog. My name appears on the UK Kennel Club championship A judging list, also the American and Australian, and New Zealand Kennel clubs for both bull terriers and miniature bull terriers, along with the IKC and FCI.

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Martin Skeffington


I have been involved with Staffordshire Bull Terriers for over 30 years,
I have had great success and enjoyment with my beloved breed under the Affix Moystaff and now … read more